Body Ecology

For Coconut Kefir Water Supplies:
You will need Body Ecology’s Kefir Starter , Culture Starter (optional), and Eco Bloom. To purchase >

For Cultured Vegetables:
You will need Body Ecology’s Culture Starter, Ancient Minerals, and Eco Bloom. To purchase >

The Most Brilliant Blender
I can not do what I do without a high speed blender. Blendtec is my favorite tool in the kitchen! It will allow your creativity in the kitchen to expand and blossom, providing endless nutritious and delicious options. I like Blendtec better than Vitamix because it is easier to clean, and  when you start using it everyday, that adds up to a huge plus! Learn more >

Food Resources:
Diana Stobo >
Nouveau Raw >
Coconut and Quinoa >

Rawmazing >
Nourishing Days >
Amy Chaplin >

Tools for Your Raw and/or Gluten Free Kitchen:
Tools I suggest >


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