How to Make Coconut Kefir Water

This is an absolutely wonderful way to get your probiotics everyday. It not only is light and refreshing, but it is immensely cleansing of toxins and helps to reduce the production of dangerous yeast and pathogens in our body. Blend in fruits, veggies and essential oils and you have yourself a delicious, yet potent tonic. Using Coconut Kefir in your daily routine will also dramatically reduce sugar cravings, and belly bloat.

To get started, purchase the supplies below.

  • Kefir Starter (I like Cutting Edge Kefir Starter on Amazon)
  • Inulin Powder (Purchase on Amazon)
  • 2 Milk Bottles or Jars (Container store. Buy extra lids too)
  • Plastic container that will house at least one milk bottle
  • Heating Pad and a towel or 2.
  • Coconut Water, fresh or bottled


1. Pour Coconut Water (store bought or fresh from a young Thai Coconut) into  a 1 quart size bottle.

2. Pour Kefir Starter and 1/2 tsp Inulin Powder to Milk Bottle. Add the coconut water.

3. Screw lid on tight or use a lid that is rubber sealed to keep in the bubbles. Shake well! Place glass container on a towel covered heating pad set at LOW, and wrap your Kefir Bottle in a towel to help keep it uniformly warm. You do not want your water getting too hot. It should not go above 92 degrees, so make sure you have some insulation between your Kefir Jar and the heating pad. I use a towel and then wrap another towel around the bottle as well to keep the heat inside. During the summer season, I don’t bother turning on the heating pad. I just place the bottle on the towel covered container.

4. Kefir is ready in 36 hours (may vary with temperature). To check for readiness, move the bottle to one side and see if there is any carbonated bubbles rising to the surface. Remember: the first time  you are using a packet, the kefir will form a bunch of yogurt like bacteria on the top. Not to worry, your next couple of batches will produce the bubbly kefir water. Just pour off the white substance and use 1/4 C. of your batch to inoculate the next batch. You can drink this batch ,yet it will be sweeter than the next batch. It will become more tangy and carbonated as you go. One packet should last you for many months if you keep feeding each batch with inulin powder.

5. Once fermented, coconut water will become cloudy and lighter in color (left jar is fermented). It will have a sparkly sour, slightly sweet flavor. Your first batch of kefir with the starter packet will be less sparkling than your second. Don’t worry about that. Just be sure to make your next batch within 2 days of completing your last batch. Remember to add Inulin Powder to your next batch.

6. After fermentation is complete, you will want to refrigerate your kefir to extend its life. It should maintain its fresh flavor for about 3 weeks. Use about 6 Tablespoons to inoculate your next batch within 3 days of starting your previous batch. In other words, you should start your next batch within 1 to 2 days after it is ready. One starter packet can make several months worth of kefir if you keep the inoculation fresh.  Just place 1/2 teas. of inulin in every batch you make.

You will know it’s time to use a new starter packet when your kefir is less and less sparkling.  Don’t worry if your kefir is not as bubbly as the video below, but don’t be surprised if it is!