The dehydrator feels like an awkward appliance at first, but it has become an absolute essential part of my cooking experience. If you are someone that is wanting to add more raw food to your diet, needs gluten free snacks, or just wants to make more healthy alternatives for you and your family, I can show you how to incorporate a dehydrator into your cooking routines.

Not only does it save you money, it can save you a lot of time. I recommend the 4 tray version if you are single, the 9 tray if you like a lot of variety. Both versions allow you to make large batches that you can then preserve in containers or seal in food saver packaging. You can even make your own emergency kits!

You will also need to purchase the Plastic Paraflex Sheets to accompany your dehydrator as those are required for making crackers and cookies. Be sure to get the right size for the dehydrator you choose.

I will be offering endless recipes online and to my clients to keep your dehydrator happy and useful.

I recommend the Excalibur Brand. See models here >
(I believe so strongly in this brand that I am an affiliate for Excalibur, which means I do receive a commission. Thank you for clicking on the link below!)