Ame showed me how to change my internal chemistry that stopped my sugar craving permanently.  I don’t know if I could have ever genuinely changed without her forward thinking advice and delicious desserts!  Her nutritious and satisfying recipes along with her gentle guidance are a miracle in my life.
~ Maria Danly, Mill Valley California

I already considered myself a fairly nurturing person to myself and to those I love, yet after reading Ame’s book, I feel inspired to more deeply nourish my creativity both inside and out of the kitchen!  This powerful little book will meet you where you are, reawaken your enthusiasm, and help you craft an incredible, delicious life.
~ Susan Moreschi, Sonoma CA

Ame is wise, generous and playful!  She showed me so many ways to “sweeten” my day to day life and nourish my soul.  She has inspired me to awaken all my luscious senses in every moment of living, loving and laughing.
~ Kaer Soutthard, Kentfield California

About the Book:
This is a second edition of the first version of Sweet Healing. It includes new recipes and altered versions of other recipes. “I realized that more sugar had to be removed from my recipes, as most folks need to heal the gut entirely before being able to enjoy a bit of honey or maple syrup.” This new and improved version also has more information to help you heal and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Sweet Healing: Free Your Body from Sugar Cravings and Nourish Yourself with Divine Desserts, Ame Wauters herself acknowledges that just several years ago, “If you had told me that I could completely heal myself of my sugar cravings, I would have thought, Who are you kidding? I will never be free from sugar’s sticky grips. I will always have to manage a high level of self-control for the rest of my life!”

While Ame’s love of healthy baking and cooking spans over 30 years of research and experimentation, she reveals it wasn’t until her mother’s terminal cancer that she was compelled to look more deeply. “My mother’s diagnosis thrust me into my own health crisis, I knew it was time to feed myself better and pursue what truly nurtured me. It had become unbearable to constantly punish myself for not attaining some unreal fantasy of what I should look like or even feel like anymore. I wanted to feed myself well… physically yes, but even more important, I wanted to nourish myself mentally and spiritually as well.”

In this small accessible book, the journey is as much soulfully revelatory as nutritionally illuminating. Ame will guide you on a gentle yet powerfully healing path that she calls “awakening to a new frontier of food and its possibilities.” Like all true paths, the journey IS the destination so Ame works with gentle wisdom: “We all know simple quick fixes backfire and often hurt rather than help us, but that doesn’t mean lasting solutions to issues and real resolutions to our pain are beyond our reach. They are within our grasp, but we do we need to reach for them. We just need to go slowly, step by step.”

In fact, Ame’s guiding hand serves up 4 readily digestible steps to make your way lovingly forward to living your “sweet life” permanently, no longer suffering the ill effects of sugar:

Step One ~ Claim Your Chemistry, Honor Your Culture:
Healing your internal digestive chemistry, ridding your body of it’s physical cravings, and freeing your body up to be physically nurtured. Includes several cultured recipes.

Step Two ~ Befriending Your Nurturing Adult:
Building a rapport with your Future Self, a self-nurturing presence to serve as your own inner “wiser guide” in making choices that attune you to your own unigue “right course of action.”

Step Three ~ Feed Your Cells Well:
Learn what foods actually nourish and rejuvenate, building upon your understanding while empowering you to get creative in the kitchen, so you can discover what feeds you well without confining you to merely following other peoples’ recipes.

Step Four ~ Create Nourishing Divine Desserts:
You will be ushered into a plentiful pantry from which to craft your nourishing and delicious desserts, creating treats that truly satisfy and heal. From here you will be fully equipped to get creative and expand your sweet possibilities. Includes 15 easy-to-make, dessert recipes.

At its core, Sweet Healing invites you to begin your own exploration of what it means to be deeply self nurturing, feeding yourself well both physically and emotionally. If you want the guidance, this little book lays the map with Ame as your champion: “Let’s build a new foundation for you to craft your personal recipe for enjoying a lasting truly sweet life!”

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