Cleansing & Alkalizing Tonic

This refreshing drink will not only rehydrate and cleanse your body, but help you significantly reduce sugar cravings. The ingredients will also help to alkalize the body making it an inhospitable environment for cancer to grow.

Make a bottle for the day, refrigerate, and enjoy throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have for your evening.

And, it makes a great non-alcoholic beverage to serve at your afternoon parties.

1 qt. Spring Water
1-2 tsp. Lemon or Lime Juice
4-8 Drops Organic Stevia Liquid
½ C. Coconut Kefir Water (see recipe link below)
Few slices of cucumber in water, optional (remove after an hour)
Splash of unsweetened cranberry, pomegranate or black current juice, or ¼ Teas. Hibiscus Powder, optional


Place all the ingredients in a glass pitcher, do not blend, just let sit in the frig and enjoy all day long as a refreshing drink to sip all day long. If you want your drink to have a slight sparkle, add a splash of Mineral Water to each glass you serve rather than mix it all into the pitcher at once.
How to Make Coconut Kefir Water >

These ingredients help to clear out waste in the liver and gall bladder, allowing your digestive system to work more efficiently. The oils are anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so they help to boost your immune system. And, the apple cider vinegar helps your body to be more alkaline, while delivering numerous vitamins and minerals. If you don’t have the kefir made, you can still mix the other ingredients for a refreshing tonic.