Health Coaching:

Living with celiac disease, I wanted to find a kinder, gentler, even celebratory, way to nourish myself.

While qualified nutritional experts and coaches abound, the advice can be tightly focused and empty of the kind of information I really need to shop, find ingredients, adjust recipes, prepare nourishing meals and enjoy life. I wanted something more expansive, more expressive and nourishing than mere digestive chemistry.

Ame’s approach to health, vitality and longevity made sense to me. Over the six months, I discovered and sampled new ideas, foods and recipes. She helped with fresh ways of meeting day-to-day challenges and a depth of true nourishment and good digestion. My energy level is elevated, I am getting more done, my mood and attitude are more cheerful, I have strategies for shopping, finding ingredients and meal preparation. I am pleased to be living a life I enjoy and can share it easily with friends and family. I have plans for new work and self-expression.

Ame listens carefully, notes what you think or talk about and gives it back to you in a way that opens doors and new dimensions. She has an abundance of solid, practical information yet never pushes it on you. She brings it up in moments and ways that make it easy to take in and try.” ~ Kaer E. Soutthard, Kentfield, CA

Magical Healing Elixir Class:

“The elixirs and treats were amazing and gave me the impetus to begin trying things out in my Vitamix.  It’s a lot easier for me if someone demonstrates first.  I never would’ve considered making almond milk before…..” ~ Conni Mainne, Mendocino CA

“What a delicious afternoon in so many ways!!!  Watching you two create with what you’ve learned from IIN and where you hearts are leading you now is inspiring  – I loved seeing people I haven’t seen in years – and the kefirs are divine!! Thank you!…” ~ Iliani Mattisse, Sebastopol CA

Vital Veggie Snackers:

 “I have been a foodie for most of my adult life.  Ame’s crackers have been a welcome savior to me as I have changed my eating habits over the last six months as part of a weight loss program.  I have eliminated all sugar, grain, flour and gluten as well as minimizing my carbohydrates while I am in the losing phase.

My diet now includes more protein, nuts and seeds.  I have been very successful working my program and Ame’s crackers are part of my success.  I am extremely happy that I have lost thirty pounds and am still losing more as I gain a more healthy weight.   These tasty crackers satisfy my need for a crunchy snack and they are guilt free as they contain only healthy ingredients:  vegetables, nuts, seeds and flavorful spicing.  All of my friends enjoy them with me as a fun appetizer topped with goat cheese or whatever is on hand as a great alternative to bread products.  I highly recommend Ame’s crackers to anyone as part of a healthy lifestyle.”  ~ Alice Parker, RN, BSN Novato California

Awesome Onion Snackers:
Having worked hard over the past two years to re-shape my health, body and life, I
began to learn about the whys and how of eating as I’d been a creature of bad
habits. Eating too much (& the wrong things), eating too fast, too late and for the
wrong reasons. I educated myself about proper diet, nutrition and to eat slowly enough to be
able to hear when my body would tell me I was full. Part of that quest brought regular exercise
back into my life. I learned to re-fuel after working out without overdoing it.

Ame’s husband Phil first exposed me to the Onion Snackers and I’ve been hooked ever since
(Like a dog with a bone). Natural, gluten free, good for you and great tasting to boot.
Just recently tried the vegetable flavored snackers and those are just as good if not
better (If that’s possible). At the risk of having more competition for these incredible
uber-crackers I encourage everyone to just try them. I’m pretty sure you’ll be as
hooked as I am. ~ Paul Begovich, SF, CA