We are quickly entering that time of year when our bodies need a little more TLC. One of my favorite remedies to keep my body humming along into the cooler temps is Rosehip Tea. I particularly like it as a refreshing, tangy, iced elixir, but it’s also wonderful warm. It is chalk full of bio-available vitamin C, which makes it a great inflammation fighter.

Other benefits of rosehip include lowering your risk of disease, and detoxifying the body. It is also good for strengthening the immune system, protecting the skin, easing chronic pain, and optimizing the digestive system. Mixed with a little local raw honey, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse of protective compounds to help keep you well throughout the seasons. See simple recipe below…

More Wonderful Health Benefits of Rosehips:

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

There is a large body of research into the impact of rosehips, primarily due to the high levels of antioxidants present in these fruits. Studies have shown that and compounds in rosehip tea can lower the risk of heart diseases. This tea is also rich in lycopene, which has been directly linked to lower the occurrences of cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents Cancer

Many of the antioxidants in rosehip tea are praised for their anti-cancer abilities. They seek out and neutralize free radicals before they can cause oxidative stress and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Research on the link between cancer and rosehips is ongoing, but early results show a very promising connection.

Reduces Inflammation

Studies done on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis showed that rosehip tea can significantly improve mobility and reduce inflammation, thus improving the quality of life and lowering oxidative stress in those inflamed tissues. This is also helpful for digestion, as these anti-inflammatory properties can soothe the tissues in the gut while regulating bowel movements and ensuring proper nutrient uptake.

Detoxifies the Body

Rosehip tea is known to have both laxative and diuretic properties, which can help the body eliminate toxins, and unwanted fats and saltsin an efficient way. If you are struggling with constipation, low metabolism or a weakened immune system, it can be a good idea to flush the toxins out and reduce the load on the kidneys and liver. This tea can help you do that by stimulating faster digestion and increasing the frequency of urination.

Acts as an Analgesic

The carotenoids and flavonoids found in rosehip tea have analgesic properties making this tea a great pain reliever. Whether it is chronic pain of arthritis or acute pain of injuries or sprains, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can work very quickly.

Skin Care

Many people drink rosehip tea to improve the appearance of the skin, as this herbal blend is known to be astringent in nature, while also delivering powerful antioxidants to the areas of the skin that need it most. This can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, or speed healing and prevent infections and inflammation, such as flare-ups of psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Strengthens Immunity

This fruit is extremely high in vitamin C, which can pack a major punch for a better immune system. It will increase your white blood cell count and stimulate growth, especially if you are recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery.

How to Make Rosehip Tea?

Rosehip tea can be easily made at home, but the process can be somewhat complicated, depending on which recipe you follow, and how you want to prepare your rosehip tea.



1 Tabl. dried rosehips (crushed/cut/sifted). If you are using whole rose hips, you will want to grind them in your seed/coffee grinder beforehand for a richer tea. I personally like grinding the whole dried rosehips, then using one Tabl. of the ground mix for my 4 cups of tea, but you can also successfully use the cut rosehips as shown below.

4 cups boiling water (filtered)

  • Step 1 – Add the rosehips to boiling water.
  • Step 2 – Allow the mixture to steep for 30-60 minutes. The longer the better:)
  • Step 3 – Let cool and strain. When just slightly warm, add 1 to 2 tsp. of local raw honey for added immune boosting properties. Or, a few drops of stevia if you cannot have honey.
  • Step 4 – Store in the refrigerator as a refreshing iced tea. Drink 1-2 cups daily.
  • Have some fun adding other spices to the mix, such as fresh mint, nettle, or red clover to really boost the nutrient content.

Dried Rosehips with Seeds Removed


Sourced from Organic Facts