I’ve posted before about using blueberries in your ice cream smoothies, but this recipe calls for Wild Blueberries, which is like eating wild salmon verses farmed salmon, or grass-fed beef, verses commercially raised. It’s wild quality makes it an exponentially nutrient dense food.

The restorative qualities of wild blueberries are too lengthy to list, but suffice it to say, if you are in need of deep healing from the inside out, they are your salvation. After a fire, these berries will grow back even stronger than before, offering your body the same majestic strength of a phoenix rising from the ashes. They help you adapt to ambiguity or big changes in your life. And, if you are having trouble maintaining a positive vision for your future, these little beauties will help you expand your heart and mind to hold ever expanding abundance.

I’ve put together a very simple recipe that combines blueberries and mango’s, as the flavors work beautifully together. And, it makes a great evening dessert, because the mango’s will help you get a rejuvenative nights sleep. Plus, it calls for probiotics in the form of Coconut Kefir Water that will also help to replenish and heal your gut. It’s not essential that you use the coco kefir water, yet I do encourage you to add it to your healthcare routine, as it’s ability to cleanse metals, while also boosting your immune system, is truly amazing.

It’s the perfect refreshing treat after a long hot day…
May it heal and restore your vibrant spirit!

*Frozen Wild Blueberries can be found in many grocery stores, such as Trader Joes

*You can find Barleans Mango Peach Fish Oil on Amazon >

Recipe for Coconut Kefir Water >

¼ C. Wild Blueberries, frozen. TJ’s has them.
½ C. Organic Blueberries, frozen
1/3 C. Coconut Kefir Water or Water, see kefir recipe link above
3 to 4 slices of Fresh or Frozen Mango, (fresh makes it silkier)
2 tsp. Barleans Mango Peach Fish Oil, buy on Amazon
1 T. Orgain Vanilla Protein Powder
½ tsp. Vitamin C. Powder
¼ C. Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt, optional
Stevia or Raw Honey to taste if needed


  1. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender like a Vitamix or Blendtech Blender. Add more water if it won’t blend into a thick creamy soft sorbet texture. The flavored Fish Oil adds a great depth of flavor to the fruit mix.
  2. Sprinkle with your favorite toppings.
    Serve and enjoy!* Note: This recipe can be swapped with any of your favorite frozen fruits for all kinds of frozen deliciousness. Bananas and Avocados can take the place of the yogurt for added creaminess.