Your Recipe for More ENJOYMENT

Instead of a recipe to eat, I wanted to offer a different kind of recipe, a recipe that YOU will author:
Your recipe for more ENJOYMENT.

Why? Because when you know the ingredients of a more enjoyable life, life is not only a whole LOT more fun, but you expand your awareness of what really matters to you, which in turn, helps you craft the life of your ever unfolding dreams, your Longevity Recipe. In short, how we think and feel have a lot more to do with our sense of vitality, than the food we choose to eat.

Those who enjoy life the most are three times more likely to live a little longer than those who enjoy it the least, a study of aging suggests.
~ Hannah Richardson, BBC News education and family reporter

We can forget that what makes us happy is not in the things or circumstances of our lives, but rather in our emotional responses to those things and circumstances . It’s your heart and mind that are creating, directing, and responding to every scene. This exercise will help you become more aware of you as the brilliant movie director that you are.

It will only take just a few minutes of your time, yet will give you insightful ingredients to bring more pleasure and enjoyment to your life. Remember, it’s not about what how enjoy, it’s about why you enjoy it.

Have fun!

Find Your Essence of Enjoyment:
What are the first 3 things that come to mind when you ask yourself, what do I enjoy? It could be anything. Write them down.

1. Eating a fresh warm piece of sourdough bread.
2. Sipping champagne on a gorgeous wine country veranda with a dear friend.
3. The warmth of the sun on my skin.


Write Your Essence Sentence:
Take a look at the 3 things you wrote and think about why you enjoy them. What would be the essence of enjoyment for each specific thing? What does each thing make you feel?

1. Eating a fresh warm piece of sourdough bread.
I really enjoy the soft and crunchy texture offresh bread. It reminds me of the freedom and fun I had as a child. I feel a full sense of permission to be and do whatever I want.
2. Sipping champagne on a gorgeous wine country veranda with a close friend.
I enjoy slowing down time and making the moment last with someone I love, sharing stories, making it the only thing that matters in the moment.  I enjoy the creative and expansive conversation that happens when I am surrounded in beauty, I feel the cozy wonderful feeling of being loved and getting the pleasure of loving another.
3. The warmth of the sun on my skin.
The warm sunshine helps me to relax and let go. All of my concerns seem to melt away as every cell of skin seems to drink up the nurturing light. It’s one of the perks of having a body!


Craft Your Single Essence Paragraph:
Review your essence sentences above and piece them together. Then print it out and let it be a reminder to seek these ingredients for crafting more pleasure and enjoyment in your life, no matter what the activity.

What brings me Enjoyment?

I enjoy feeling a sense of freedom and having fun, giving myself permission to experience what I feel drawn to. I enjoy being surrounded in beauty, feeling loved and loving another. When I give my focus to someone or something that I care about, I experience a greater sense of creativity and expanded possibility. The heat and light of the sun also relaxes and nurtures me, making me feel blessed to be alive.

Now obviously, there are more 3 things that you can use to sift your essence of enjoyment, so this is just a place to start.  It’s an exercise that can inform you a bit more about YOU, and what specifically makes you happy. It’s not the bread or the champagne that is necessary in order to enjoy yourself. Knowing your Essence of Enjoyment allows you to craft more pleasure in any number of ways.

Let your imagination wander and think about how you can bring more of these qualities into your life. No matter what the activity, enjoyment can be a bigger part of your life experience as you more consciously choose it.

Cheers to you and your interest in living a more vibrant, enthusiastic life!

With much love,